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Jackie Fuchs was born in Brooklyn, NY.  As a young adult Jackie began a long career as a salon owner, colorist and stylist in Manhattan. In 1986 she moved from New York to Provincetown, Massachusetts where she lived for 13 years immersing herself in the artist community and began developing a lifelong interest in the creative process. Being a late bloomer had its advantages, she resturned to school and obtained a BFA in Art Education, Film and Psychology, at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She followed that with a Master’s degree in Education at Smith College and began teaching Art and TV Production in NYC. In 2002, Fuchs moved to Sag Harbor, opened four hair salons in the Hamptons and continued teaching art & clay sculpture to children and adults in a multitude of settings. A recent visit to the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia sparked a new creative interest and she began to explore paints and collage materials as a result. This prolific artist now draws on her years of talent, color theory and imagination to produce highly collectable pieces of art. Her new work is fueled by whimsical instinct that evidences itself in uniquely imagined pieces that might best be described as freeze frames from a movie set or chapter in a book. 


Recent collectors include:

Luann De Lesseps (Real Housewives of New York)

Bryant Gumbel (Sports Reporter)

Caroline Doctorow (Singer, Song Writer)

Richard Smith (Broadway Producer, Beautiful)

Steven Traxler (Broadway Producer, Mean Girls)

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